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Powerful connectors for e-cargo bikes

Powerful connectors for e-cargo bikes

Environmental concerns, urban efficiency and the growing e-commerce demand have all contributed to the strong rise of the e-cargo bike. Now valued at 10 billion euro in Europe and expected to grow to 16,8 billion in 2028. E-cargo bikes are booming alright!

From a connectivity point of view e-cargo bikes are quite demanding. They require complex harnesses with many e-bike connectors for functionalities like e-lock, e-brake, blinkers, wipers, heating, modular cargo box with internal lights etc. E-bike connectors also need to be more powerful to drive the heavy loads and more robust to withstand the vibrations and impact. 

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Signal connector for e-cargo bikes


Customised battery connectors

Customised battery connectors

for e-cargo bikes

Standard battery connectors often don't match the many unique e-cargo bike designs on the market. It's our experience that in 90% of the cases, this results in a customised battery connector. Why? Because there are a lot of variables that make up the right connection when it comes to batteries:

  • the required number and combination of contacts (power & signal) 
  • the type of contacts (circular or blade contacts)
  • the design of the battery, how it’s built-up and integrated into the bike
  • the desired power range
  • whether it’s meant for charging or discharging

 Fortunately, with many of our customers we get involved in an early development stage. This enables us together with Higo’s R&D engineers to combine all of these variables into a battery connector made-to-measure.

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Higo e-cargo bike project in the spotlight


Reduced installation & maintenance time with customised cable harnesses

A&C Solutions developed a customised cable harness with Higo connectors for cargo bike manufacturer Nijland Cycling. Nijland wanted to interconnect all electrical systems on the e bike and supply them with power by a simple and quick installation. Discover how this project was managed.

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