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Popular Higo e-bike motor connectors


This is where Higo motor connectors make the difference

Small connectors with high power

Small connectors with high power

The Higo ebike motor connector range has a proven track record  of many years and has already been applied in thousands of motor applications. It stands out for its combination of compact connectors with high power. A good example is the Higo 1019A and D series that offers 45A power in a jacket of only 19mm.

Customised terminal blocks

Customised terminal blocks

Higo fully customises terminal blocks according to the requirements of each e-bike design. This is all done in-house. You are flexible to combine signal and power connections and to choose the angled, solder or PCB contacts you need. Terminal blocks substantially reduce the installation and maintenance time.

Wide range of motor connectors

Wide range of motor connectors

Higo offers a complete range of ebike motor connectors that include many options:

  • cable-to-cable & cable-to-panelmount connectors
  • male & female panel mount connectors
  • angled & straight connector designs
  • PCN mount connectors
Adjusted connector designs for rear hub motors

Adjusted connector designs for rear hub motors

We understand that for rear hub motors, space can be a real challenge. That's why Higo also offers flatter, oval shaped motor connector designs, like the 1012B series. These series are designed to better fit the tight space between the engine and the spokes of the e-bike.

Looking for a specific Higo motor connector?

Mid-motor systems

Mid-motor systems

Higo ebike motor connectors

With mid-motors we see that the trend for miniaturisation and lower motor and battery weights still continues. Today terminal blocks are often still integrated into the motor itself. However, with motors becoming smaller and smaller, there's not enough space anymore to integrate the terminal block into the motor.

Connection outside the motor

Smaller engines imply an increasing demand for smaller ebike motor connectors. These smaller ebike motor connectors are no longer installed into the motor itself which means that the cable leaves the motor and the connection takes place outside the motor.

Higo ensures a reliable motor connection

As a Higo connector specialist, it's our goal to deliver a high performing connector that perfectly fits the engine. We don't stop at making a connector with a customised cable. We also ensure that the sealing of the cable that enters the engine is done in a watertight way so that you're assured of a reliable connection. 

Tailor-made advice

Personal E-bike connector advice for your project

Is scrolling through a productfinder not your way to go? If you prefer to call on the expertise of our team directly, just let us know the requirements of your E-bike application. Short and sweet. Then we will put together a tailor-made advice for you.

E-bike connector advice
Rear-hub motor systems

Rear-hub motor systems

Higo e-bike motor connectors

Rear motors are located near the rear wheel of the e-bike and are known for providing a balanced and stable ride. They offer good traction and are suitable for hilly terrains. Also here we see a clear trend for the miniaturisation of the rear hub motor, especially for racing bicycles. 

A compact & watertight connection

The biggest challenge with rear-hub motors is to realise the electrical connection of the motor in a watertight and compact way. When the cable is coming out of the axle, there is only limited space for the cable and the connector. 

Thanks to our many years of experience and the many completed projects, we  work with Higo to ensure that your rear hub motor gets the right connector.

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