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Most compact designs

Most compact designs

Out-of-the-box technologies allow Higo to go more compact every time. Combining male and female contacts in one connector or stepping over from soldered contacts to crimp contacts. Higo always finds ways to reduce the mating length and the diameter of signal connectors.


Recognisibility in the field

Recognisibility in the field

Many of Higo's signal ebike connector series are colour coded and sometimes even differently shaped to improve the recognisability of each connector in the market. This prevents interchangeability and installation errors in the field.

Wide and deep range

Wide and deep range

The e-mobility market is a widespread market with widespread needs. Higo offers a great variety of plug, angled plug and panel mount signal connector series up to 9 poles.  

Customisation possibilities

Customisation possibilities

When standard connectors don't fit your application, we are there to make sure that your e-mobility application meets the right Higo connector. Based on your connector requirements our specialists will assist you with the development of a customised Higo connector solution. Check out our customisation options here.

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Higo ebike signal connectors

Higo ebike signal connectors

The micro challenge

The micro challenge is one of the most obvious trends in signal ebike connectors. Customers are demanding more compact ebike connector designs to neatly hide them in ebike frames. 

At the same time we see that manufacturers further enhance the e-bike experience by adding extra features like tracking systems, GPS, electrical locks, heat grips and even heated seats. There is a continuous need for extra connections and a higher data transmission in a smaller jacket. That's our inspiration to further develop the Higo signal connector range.

based on your requirements

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Is scrolling through a productfinder not your way to go? If you prefer to call on the expertise of our team directly, just let us know the requirements of your ebike application. Short and sweet. Then we will put together a tailor-made advice for you.

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Higo signal connectors for fully integrated cable routing


Leading ebike connector manufacturer Higo has designed an ultra compact connector series, called the Micro M series. Instead of using soldered contacts, Higo opted for crimped contacts. Here are some interesting benefits:

  • 50% shorter mating length
  • More reliable connections due to a continuous controlled crimping process
  • Crimp connectors are also more resistant to vibrations.

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Filter the signal e-bike connector that best suits your application based on the selection criteria below. We hope you find it easy to navigate through our Higo signal connector range. Would you like to discuss your requirements with one of our Higo connector specialists, please contact us.

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