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Higo micro X series responds to micro challenge in e-bike connectors

Micro X

Higo micro X series responds to micro challenge in e-bike connectors


Higo micro X series responds to micro challenge in e-bike connectors

Taking on the micro challenge

“The micro challenge is one of the most obvious trends that we see in the development of e-bike connectors”, comments Kristof Van Wetering, Product Manager at A&C Solutions. “Customers are demanding more compact e-bike connector designs to neatly hide them in e-bike frames. At the same time we see that manufacturers further enhance the e-bike experience by adding extra features like tracking systems, GPS, electrical locks, heat grips and heated seats. That’s why in new product developments Higo focuses on creating high-performing connectors within an ever smaller space.”

Just recently, Higo launched the new micro X connector range. This is a compact push-on connector that features an integrated semi-locking mechanism to ensure a secure connection even during continuous movements of the e-bike. It’s a perfect solution for integrated cable routing for all types of e-bike applications.

An interesting alternative for the Higo micro M connector

“The micro X connector complements Higo’s patented innovation from 2022, the micro M series with crimp contacts” continues Kristof. “They both have a similar diameter and fitting length which makes them almost 50% smaller than standard signal connectors.”

The most important difference is the type of contacts they use. The micro M uses crimped contacts through an automated process which is machine controlled. This is only an interesting option for larger projects as it generally involves a higher start-up cost. “Higo has developed the micro X connector alongside the micro M to provide customers with start-ups and production of smaller-scale e-bike designs or systems with a cost-effective alternative”, motivates Kristof.

Complete range of Higo micro X connectors

Besides the difference in contacts, the Higo micro X connector also offers a wider range in multipole options. It’s available in 2 to 6 poles as a plug connector and a panel mount version is on its way. The micro M is currently only available in 2 and 4 poles. “By offering both ranges next to each other, it is our intention to address a wider audience with different connector requirements”, explains Kristof.

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