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Article Number Z209BG P 00 A0 1000 Z209BG P 00 AW 1000
Color Red Red
Description Mini B Male cable connector Mini B Male cable connector
Lower Temperature -25 °C -25 °C
Upper Temperature 80 °C 80 °C
Rated Voltage 48 V AC / 60 V DC 48 V AC / 60 V DC
Rated Current 2 A 2 A
Max. Contact Resistance ≤10 mΩ ≤10 mΩ
Max. Insulation Resistance ≥20 MΩ ≥20 MΩ
Material Of Contact Copper Alloy Copper Alloy
Contact Plating Gold over Nickel Gold over Nickel
Protection Degree IP66 IP66
Mating Cycles 200 times 200 times
Connector Diameter 9 mm 9 mm
Fitting Length 62 mm 62 mm
Material Jacket PVC TPU
Insulation Wire PVC Teflon
Cable Length 1000 mm 1000 mm
Cable Diameter 3.7 mm 2.4 mm
Wire Section 0.2 mm² 0.14 mm²
Remark Other cable length/type on request Other cable length/type on request
Characteristics differ between variants of a connector

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