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Higo is the leading manufacturer of signal, battery, motor, main cable & splitter connectors for E-bikes. Higo is generally considered to be the standard within the E-bike industry because of its ability to supply a complete range of connector solutions for the entire E-bike system. What makes Higo stand out of the crowd is the flexibility that they offer in developing customized e-bike connectors and cable assemblies. Higo connectors combine compact sizes with high currents (up to 25A) and provide the requested water resistance (IP66/IP67) for each e-bike.  

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More compact & more poles

Solutions to go more compact with more poles remains a hot issue. Higo’s R&D engineers are continuously pushing the boundaries of the circular design and try to come up with innovative space saving designs.

Circular design pushed to its limits

For the signal connector range Higo stepped away from the traditional way of separating contacts. In its new design, the 6-pole Z606D, Higo combines 3 male and 3 female contacts in each connector to obtain a 6mm diameter. For the motor connector range, Higo even managed to design an 11 pole connector within just 15mm that still offers 25A. Is this the limit? Do keep challenging us and we will always try to go the extra mile (read mm)!

The flatter the better

Besides the circular shape, Higo has also focussed its R&D efforts on creating designs that have a flatter, wider shape to better fit narrow e-bike systems and frames. The result has been the launch of a 6- (Z610C) and 9-pole (Z913C) battery connector and a 9- (Z913B) and a 10-pole (Z1012B) motor connector with diameters ranging from only 11,48mm to 13mm. Hence, huge space savers!

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This is how leading E-bike connector manufacturer Higo works

With this video leading E-bike connector manufacturer Higo allows you to have a peek inside its company. Higo shows you that the true heart of the company is its R&D and design centre where the focus on innovation and customized solutions rules the everyday business. And it lets you in what it does to manage and control quality throughout all production processes within the company. Check it out for yourself!

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