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Ten years of true partnership: establishing the Higo e-bike connector brand in Europe


Ten years of true partnership: establishing the Higo e-bike connector brand in Europe


Ten years of true partnership: establishing the Higo e-bike connector brand in Europe

It all started when Franky Vanlerberghe, founder of A&C Solutions, was working as a sales product manager and noticed that it was quite a challenge to find experts focussing solely on solutions for the e-bike connector. It was a niche that had immense potential, but how would he go about offering his customers tailormade solutions?

The early days

With only six employees in the Benelux region at the time, the team was on a mission to find a manufacturer that would fix a reoccurring problem that their customers faced. At the time, the industry was using connectors that were too large for bikes and not durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. Then, by chance, A&C Solutions came across more suitable connectors that were marked Higo, but they could not find any information about the company online. Through a fortuitous encounter with a customer who needed goods shipped to Higo in China, A&C Solutions was able to establish contact.

Where east meets west

Higo, also founded in 2008, was a small company with about 40-45 employees. Though they were eager to find a European partner, they had virtually no online presence. After initiating contact, A&C Solutions flew to China to meet with the Higo team, and despite Higo’s primary market being e-scooters and e-mopeds, both companies found common ground in their commitment to quality and innovation, and began a partnership.

In the spring of 2014, A&C Solutions returned to Europe with a signed contract and a box of Higo connectors. They showcased these at the Eurobike show in September, which generated significant interest from their European manufacturers. Within three days, A&C Solutions were inundated with inquiries.

A focus on quality

The collaboration between A&C Solutions and Higo focuses on addressing specific requirements from bike or system builders. By working closely with engineers from both sides, they developed e-bike connector designs, created prototypes, and eventually produced tools for manufacturing. In fact, Higo does everything in-house, from its design to production, including the mold making and end of line testing. Its focus is mainly on creating very small signal connector as well as high-powered motor & battery connectors, all resistant to rough weather conditions.

Staying well connected

Today, A&C Solutions has a team of 25 people and Higo has expanded to a remarkable 750 employees. A&C Solutions’ robust network across Europe ensures that customers received localised support, adding significant value to the partnership. Additionally, it has always maintained well-stocked warehouses to ensure a smooth supply chain. This proactive approach has allowed manufacturers to continue their operations uninterrupted, for example, during supply chain disruptions.

Say hello at Eurobike

To celebrate their ten year partnership, both companies will be present at the Eurobike show in July, where they will host ‘Happy Higo Hour’, as well as a special celebration on Thursday to launch their new website, which includes additional features such as a product finder, technical specs, product comparisons and current projects. It is integrated with their ERP system in order to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience.

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