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It’s Higo’s power of customization that makes the difference in E-bike battery connectors

It’s Higo’s power of customization that makes the difference in E-bike battery connectors


It’s Higo’s power of customization that makes the difference in E-bike battery connectors

For European market leader in e-bike connectors, Higo, the customer is always in the lead when it comes to the development of battery connectors. The battery, and therefore also the connector that goes along with each E-bike, needs to perfectly integrate into the E-bike concept. In 90% of the cases, this results in a customized battery connector’, comments Franky Vanlerberghe, CEO of European distributor A&C Solutions. Why? ‘Because there are a lot of variables that make up the right connection when it comes to batteries. Take for example:

  • the required number, combination and type of contacts;
  • the design of the battery, how it’s built-up and integrated into the bike;
  • the desired power range
  • and of course whether it’s meant for charging, discharging or both.

These differ a lot from one E-bike design to another. Fortunately, with many of our customers, we get involved in an early development stage. This enables us to combine all of these variables into a battery connector made-to-measure.’

This year Higo focussed on creating customized designs that offer smart features that enhance the scope and user friendliness of its battery connector range. Here are some promising novelties for you.

The all-in-one charging & discharging S828A connector

Higo introduces a niche battery connector that offers two interesting features. It combines both charging and discharging into one connector. And it uses a special locking mechanism that automatically locks in the connector when you push it to its counterpart. The S828A connector can handle 25A during discharging and 10A whilst charging. This can be combined with 6 signal contacts which enables CAN bus communication between battery and charger or battery and e-bike.

The semi self-locking S824A connector for charging applications

With the development of the S824A battery charging connector, Higo stepped away from the traditional screw locking mechanism and designed a semi self-locking system. To make the connection, you simply push-on the connector. To release the locking you press the button and the connector disconnects. It’s impressive to note that the 2 power signals can handle up to 40A or 70A. The other 6 signal contacts can handle 2A each.

Tailor-made blade contacts for discharging

Higo also designs and manufactures fully customized blade contacts in-house. Blade contacts are only used for discharging and can handle up to 30A. They offer great advantages in E-bike designs where the battery still has to make an angle when it’s plugged in and ready to fix it into its final position. The housing for the blade contacts is further designed according to the requirements of each customer.

Short lead times and local stock manager in Europe

‘We understand that customized connectors require short lead times as well’, comments Franky. ‘That’s why Higo’s R&D department is especially designed to quickly respond to prototype requests. And it works with fully automated production lines to keep lead times as short as possible. Together with our local support and stockkeeping facilities in Europe, we are there to assist our E-bike customers to successfully launch their new E-bike concepts.’

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