Higo connectors are popular in the lighting industry as well

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Higo connectors not only sell like hot cakes in the e-bike industry, they are also noticed in relating industries like lighting where high power and little space are primary requirements as well. Take for example one of our customers active in advertising lighting for fuel stations.

Connector solution:

At first our customer was charmed by Higo’s mini-B connector. However, it turned out that they needed higher currents to lighten the giant logo letters on each fuel station. Therefore, they decided to go for the  HG-F-Z310B motor connector with thicker cables. This connector can easily handle 15 upto 25A. Our customer worked with a connector splitter with a motor connector on one side and various motor connectors on the other side to connect each letter with the central splitter.


Higo Z310BGP and Z310BMP motor connector