About us

About us

The focus of our business is connectors

Within A&C Solutions, everything  comes down to one single specialism, the connector technology. As a specialized distributor we offer a wide range of high-quality circular, rectangular and PCB connectors in various designs and sizes. You’re always welcome at A&C Solutions whether you need a single connector solution or a fully customized cable assembly.    


A team of experienced professionals

What we see is that engineers  often get lost in finding their way into the overwhelming offer of connector possibilities and product specifications available on the market.  A&C Solutions is working with a team of connector professionals with sector specific expertise. Together we account for 40 years of experience in the business. It is our goal to create clarity in the complex world of connectors and to advise customers the right connector solution for their application.

All-in-one solution tailored to each customer

What we see with many of customers is that they not only need a connector solution for their application, they often need to design this connector into a cable harness as well. A&C Solutions offers a full service solution where we assemble connectors completely according to customers’ specifications and we manage stock on request. Being right at the source, our customers are assured that stock is directly at hand and that they have the best price available in the market. 

A broad & complementary brand portfolio

Although A&C Solutions’ activities reach many markets, we focus on a number of key segments, being E-bikes, Lighting and Industrial Automation. To respond effectively to the needs within these markets,  A&C Solutions works with a selective group of 12 connector manufacturers that each have a leading role in their field of business. 

Customized supply chain services

Obviously, customers only want their connectors or assemblies to be delivered right when they need to be further processed. As a stock keeping distributor for all product categories, we already deliver a large part of the conventional connector solutions directly from stock within 24 hours. Besides, we offer additional supply chain services that support a continuous production process. In agreement with customers A&C Solutions keeps designated stock and works with call-off orders or forecast orders.

Specialist network of production partners

A&C Solutions is a Vinçotte ISO 9001 certified company. We consider an effective quality management to be of paramount importance. It is therefore that we exclusively work with certified production locations located in the Benelux, Eastern Europe and China. Our network of specialized assembly partners all have modern, automated equipment and a proven track record in dealing with diverse market segments, going from the consumer goods industry up to the world of automotive.

Depending on the type of connectors, the quantities ordered, the required tooling, the flexibility needed and the desired lead time, A&C Solutions decides which assembly partner matches best with each assignment. 

Partnership with our suppliers is the key to our success

It is our belief that we can only do a good job for our customers when we work in close partnership with our suppliers. Good partnerships allow us to better meet the demands of our customers when it comes to customized connector solutions, assemblies, delivery times, expertise and flexibility. Together we stand strong!

Satisfying our customers is what makes us tick!

source: customer satisfaction survey 2018