Flat cable alternative for a compact and IP67 motor connection

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Market need:

With the rise of cargo bikes, E-MTB’s and 500Watt pedelecs, it’s obvious that the E-mobility market is demanding more power. However, connectors with more power generally need thicker cables of 3 up to 4mm2. That’s exactly where the difficulty arises. In the end, the cable diameter is just too thick to enter the motor.

Connector solution:

The alternative that Higo has come up with is to use a flat cable. Instead of placing the wires around each other, Higo places them next to each other, thereby creating a compact flat version. Eventually, this flat cable has a section of 3x2,35mm²+7x0,14mm² and can therefore be more easily integrated into the motor design. In combination with a moulded, tailor made grommet, the wires on the inside of the motor will be properly sealed off and a waterproof (IP65) connection can be established.

With the ability to handle up to 30A, the flat cable connector version offers customers a solution when space is limited and power is still needed.


L1119 motor connector