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Higo launches new 45A battery connector for heavy & high speed pedelecs

16 August 2017

The need for increased power connectors definitely tops the list of today's requests from customers. Various e-bike players in the European market are requesting the development of a high current (45A) battery connector. The e-bike battery connectors commonly used today can only handle up to 25A which is not enough to drive high-speed pedelecs and e-bikes.  The main target group for this connector will be the E-MTB´s and the heavier/high speed pedelecs used in for example local post and police departments. 

Same dimensions, almost twice the power

Higo is proud to introduce the Z624 battery connector. This 45A connector is a 6-pole 36V coded version with standard contacts. It contains 2 contacts of 45A with 4mm2 wire size each and 4 signal contacts of 2A with 0,14 mmwire size each. With the same dimensions as the current ones available in the market, Higo’s new battery connector manages to handle almost twice the power.

New range includes cable plug charger

The Z624 connector comes with a corresponding cable plug charger. This new design will be available at A&C Solutions from September 2016. For additional information download the product specifications by clicking on the link below.


Higo panel mount battery connector