Successfully integrating E-bike brake & number plate lighting in new generation brake systems

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Market need:

In the e-bike market where innovative, minimalistic designs, higher speed levels and imposed legislation issues are talk of the day, we see that manufacturers are constantly looking for smart electrical wiring systems and reliable connections to support these developments.  As a specialized connector distributor, A&C Solutions works with leading e-bike connector brand Higo. ‘With some of our e-bike customers, we have already worked successfully around themes like the integration of brake & number plate lighting, high power electrical connections to drive 500Watt e-bikes and smart electrical wiring solutions to decrease the number of connections within e-bikes’ explains general manager Franky Vanlerberghe.

Connector solution:

One of these customers is Magura, a pioneer in new generation brake systems.  In the creation of their latest brake systems MT4, MT5 and HS33 R, they needed to include connections for brake & number plate lighting as well. From the beginning, Magura was looking for a compact, reliable and robust connection to go along with their high performing brake system.  They decided to go for one of the smallest and most powerful  e-bike connectors in the market, the Higo mini B connector. The mini B connector was connected to the switch on the front and a Higo Y-splitter was used to make the connection with the rearlight at the back of the e-bike.

At Eurobike Magura will present their new generation brake systems including Higo connectors at  booth No. A2-204. 


Higo mini B connector splitter, Higo mini B connector