Higo 45A motor connector designed to drive 500 Watt E-bikes

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Market need:

More and more E-bike manufacturers are launching E-bikes with very powerful motors (500 Watt). As a result there is a growing need for connectors that can handle high currents (45A) as well.

Connector solution:

This has inspired Higo to develop a 45A motor connector. This compact connector will still have 10 poles on a surface of only 19mm. The connected wires are 3 x 4mm2 + 7 x 0,14mm2 with a cable diameter of 8,5mm, which is exceptionally small for this combination of contacts. If needed, there is even room left to extend the number of poles with additional signal contacts.

European distributor A&C Solutions is now ready to launch this  innovative motor connector (HG-F-L1019) in Europe. ‘A&C Solutions’ managing director Franky Vanlerberghe comments that he’s very happy to be able to respond so quickly to emerging needs within the E-bike industry. The E-bike industry is still in many ways an emerging market where the pace of new product development is very high. This also sets the standard for subcontractors like connector manufacturers. Therefore, many of our E-bike customers value Higo’s R&D excellence and their ability to design customized connector solutions fully according to every customer’s requirements within a surprisingly short lead time.’


Higo 45A motor connector