Higo allows for smart cable management in Eltronic AG e-bikes drive system with the new panel mount connector

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Market need:

With the growing number of electrical connections, e-bikes are surrounded with more and more cables to make it all happen. For MIFA-Bike Gesellschaft mbH, Eltronic’s e-bike industry partner, this generated the need for smart cable management.  

Connector solution:

That is why Eltronic together with A&C Solutions teamed up to have Higo develop a special panel mount connector to be used on the drive system MMI. By means of the Higo connectors, the various peripheral devices and the power board (placed on the down tube) are connected to the MMI.

This effectively reduces the number of cables going from the front of the bike backwards. Also from a durability point of view, this is an interesting connector solution. When the display breaks from a fall for instance, you simply disconnect the display and replace it with a new one. With the traditional system, you most likely have to replace the display and all the different cables connected to it.

In general, the Higo panel mount connector can be used on any type of device or accessory that already integrates connectors or where connectors need to be integrated. Besides, the connector is easy to use in the field as it offers clear colour coding corresponding to the number of poles on each connector.

At Eurobike MIFA will present the new display unit with Higo connectors at booth No. A3-305. 


Higo mini B panel mount connector, Higo mini-B connector