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The importance of a European warehouse to meet your demand for just-in-time deliveries

06 April 2021

The supply chain has become one of the key bottlenecks of the European bike industry. All around us, production capacity is running at full speed, transport costs are exploding and longer delivery times are causing unacceptable delays. We realise that this is becoming a real challenge for many E-bike companies out there.

Your Higo stock outsourced

It’s in these times that A&C Solutions, as Higo’s local partner in Europe, steps up to make sure that our customers receive their Higo connectors just-in-time to be designed-in.

In our 500m2 warehouse, we already stock a large part of Higo’s standard connector range. They are ready to be delivered within 24 hours throughout Europe. In addition to this, we also offer stock management solutions that allow our customers to rely on stock nearby. These are:

- Customer specific stock levels
- Stock management based on call-off orders
- Stock management based on periodic forecast information

This means as a customer you don’t have:

- the financial implications of in-house stock
- high import duties and transport costs 
- and you are not dependent on long overseas shipments with unpredictable lead times.

Ensuring a smooth and reliable supply chain

A&C Solutions is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. We work with a warehouse management system that provides each product with a barcode.

- This helps our customers to speed up the order receipt process
- It increases inventory reliability
- And it simplifies traceability as well.

Custom product labels

Based on the requirements of the customer, A&C Solutions also offers the possibility to provide products with a customer-specific label.

Professional customer support

And although systems can assist us a lot, we greatly value personal contact with our customers, preferably in their local language. That’s why at our HQ we work with a professional customer support team and portal that handles questions and issues in a quick and friendly way. And in key countries we also have local business delevopment managers available to assist our customers with their E-mobility related projects.

Our team is here for you too. So don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you!

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