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Higo launches complete range of battery connectors for 48V systems

24 August 2017

48V systems are leading the way in the world of Light Electrical Vehicles. Ever more power is needed for E-bikes to go faster and to carry more weight.

3 new battery connector designs

To support this trend, Higo recently finalized a complete range of battery connectors dedicated to 48V systems.  This range, known as  Z624 B, consists out of a straight male cable connector, an angled male cable connector and a female panel mount version. The connector contains 2 contacts of 45A with 4mm2 wire size each and 4 signal contacts of 2A with 0,14 mmwire size each. The panel cut out is the same as the ones currently available in the market.  

Spring technology ensures a longer lifetime

Also for the development of the Z624 B series, Higo put the performance and durability of the connector on top of the list. That’s why Higo decided to use a spring technology in the female panel mount connector. The contacts of this connector are made of a phosphor bronze material with a silver over nickel plating. That’s why this connector is now able to handle up to 3000 mating cycles. This extends the lifetime substantially.

The general recommendations that TÜV sets out for battery connectors are also included in this design. That’s why you will see that the contacts are further apart and isolated from one another so that it’s impossible with one finger to touch multiple contacts at once.

For more information on the technical specs of this new series, click on the links below:

48V coded battery male angled plug connector

48V coded battery male plug connector

48V coded battery female panel mount connector