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Higo extends successful 6mm design with a 3- and 5-pole smiley connector

09 March 2021

Whoever said that connectors can’t show any emotions, obviously has not yet met the new Higo smiley connector, the so-called Z306D and Z506D. This new design has been developed by Higo as a line-extension of the current 6-pole Z606D connector for E-bike displays.

It was during Eurobike 2019 that Higo launched the Z606D, the most compact 6-pole signal connector of its kind. By making use of a different type of connection where male and female contacts are combined in one connector rather than seperated, Higo was able to save space.

A direct hit

‘During the Eurobike we immediately felt the huge interest from the market for this compact 6mm design’, comments Franky Vanlerberghe, CEO of A&C Solutions, European distributor of Higo. The connector perfectly meets the growing need to go even more compact with an increased number of connections.

Line extension

The succes of the Z606D made Higo decide to further extend the line. ‘In the field we also experienced that some customers didn’t need all 6 poles. That’s why Higo decided to launch a 3- and 5-pole version for E-bike applications where fewer connections, such as for brakes, lights and sensors are needed’ continues Franky. The result is a yellow and green smiley connector that besides its potential will already impress the market just by its looks.

The Higo Z306D and Z506D connector is ready-to-market. Take a look at the technical specs by clicking on the buttons below. For any further inquiries, please contact our E-bike team.

Higo ZX06D male connector

Higo ZX06D female connector