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Customization from connector design to delivery

01 July 2021

In the rapidly evolving E-bike market, standard connectors and supply chains no longer fit the widespread market. It’s the power of customization that makes the difference for leading E-bike connector manufacturer Higo and its European partner A&C Solutions. But how do you stay flexible towards customer needs whilst maintaining a high-speed bespoke supply chain?

Growing demand for customization

More and more e-mobility designs require more complicated, tailor made connections. A good example to meet this growing demand, is Higo’s customized connector reel. This plug and play reel works as a central point within the e-bike system that connects all parts together. The major advantages of working with such a reel are the reduced installation and service maintenance time. You easily replace a part and plug it in again.

Higo fully customizes these connector reels according to the requirements of each e-bike design. It allows you to combine signal and power connections. And to choose the angled, solder or PCB contacts you need. This of course offers a great deal of flexibility to the customer. How does Higo organize this?

Full in-house manufacturing

In their production sites of 50.000m2 in total,  Higo takes care of the complete cabling of any type of e-bike, cargo bike or e-scooter for customers around the world. All of the connector related processes are manufactured in-house, from the production of cables, tooling and the single-handedly turning of contacts until the complete assembly of connectors. This already shortens the production chain and hence the lead time substantially.

New technology and machinery to enhance customization

Investments in emerging technologies like 3D printing and the automation of production processes further enhance Higo’s power to customize connector solutions to the needs of each customer without compromising lead times. This facilitates Higo in the manufacturing of complete cable sets, splitters, assemblies with a combination of Higo and other brands’ connectors and connector reels of course.

Smart supply chain management

Located close to its customers in Europe, A&C Solutions is Higo’s partner to ensure a high-speed supply chain of Higo connectors. This is done by keeping local stock levels of Higo’s standard connector range and by offering customer specific stock possibilities to support a just-in-time delivery. A&C Solutions works with high volume imports and smart transport sourcing which also helps European Higo customers to save money on in-house stock and high import duties.

So we can conclude that the customization strategy that Higo & A&C Solutions follow together works because of large scale in-house operations driven by innovation, automation and a strong supply chain focus.

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