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More compact & more data transmission with new Higo mini F connector range

08 June 2018

E-mobility connector manufacturer Higo launches a new range of compact connectors at Eurobike. The so called mini F range is an addition to the well-known mini B connector range and consists out of 7 designs going from 2 up to 9 poles. It primarily aims to help out system and bike builders in need for smaller connectors with increased data transmission to hide away in their design.

E-mobility connectors. You need them to make it happen, but you would rather hide them so that they don’t mess up your smooth design. The trend for more compact connectors continues to influence the E-mobility market today. On the other hand, we also see many players in the market focusing on increasing the user experience of E-biking by adding features like heat grips and rechargeable cell-phones etc. This requires of course more data transmission. Franky Vanlerberghe: ‘With the popularity of our mini B connector range, our partner Higo already knows the tricks to make connectors ever smaller without compromising its performance. The additional challenge with the new mini F series was to meet the need for increased data transmission at the same time.’ 

More features in a smaller jacket

It’s simple. An E-bike is only an E-bike when the electrical connection is working correctly. Therefore, the primary concern for Higo was to develop a series that improves the recognisability of each connector in the market in order to prevent interchangeability and installation errors in the field. For that reason Higo ‘coded’ each connector by a different shape and colour for each pole number.

With the extra focus on compactness, Higo managed to realize diameter sizes of only 6,3mm to 7,3mm for the 2, 3 and 4 pole versions. And they added new designs up to 9 poles with a diameter of only 9mm to allow for increased data transmission. For the housing material, Higo opted for an environmental friendly TPE-E material instead of PVC.

The new mini F connector range will be officially launched at Eurobike from 8-10 July. You are welcome to visit A&C Solutions, the European distributor of Higo at booth A1-614.

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