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A&C Solutions expands sales team

06 February 2020

A&C Solutions, European distributor of leading E-mobility connector manufacturer Higo,  expands its sales team at the start of 2020 with Agostino Gobbato and Jannes Christiaensen.  The reinforcement of the sales team is a result of the double-digit business growth that A&C Solutions has experienced in the past couple of years and the plan to double business in 2020.

In 2019 A&C Solutions and Higo celebrated their five-year partnership in the European market. They didn’t take much time to look back though, as the major opportunities in the E-market are right in front them. General manager Franky Vanlerberghe comments: ‘With Conebi figures showing that E-bike production in Europe is expected to grow from 1,8 mln in 2018 to 10 mln in 2025, A&C Solutions feels it’s time to switch to a higher gear. With Agostino Gobbato and Jannes Christiaensen in our team now, we will be better able to respond to this growing demand and still be there where we want to be: at the table with our customers discussing their projects.’

Agostino Gobbato

 ‘Agostino is the perfect example of a true European citizen’, explains Franky. His roots lay in the French speaking part of Belgium where he grew up as a son of Italian parents. Later on he moved to Italy and Germany where he found his permanent place in the Bavaria region. During his professional career he managed to build an extensive track record in the LED lighting industry with over 14 years of sales experience worldwide. Agostino: ‘As a passionate race cyclist for 25 years, I used to participate in national and international cycling contests. The cycling industry has therefore always been a special area of interest for me. To be able to combine my technical sales background with my personal passion into one job now, is like a dream come true.’ As business development manager, Agostino will be mainly responsible for Italy, a part of Germany and France, Turkey and the South-Eastern European countries.

Jannes Christiaensen

Jannes is already a familiar face for many of A&C Solutions’ customers. In 2018 he started working as an inside sales specialist following-up projects and inquiries in collaboration with Higo.  During this time, Jannes managed to make the E-mobility connector business his own. With a master’s degree in Business Administration in his pocket, Jannes perfectly knows what it takes to grow a business. And with the technical knowledge he acquired in the past two years, Jannes is ready to take the next step to become an account manager now.

Jannes: ‘We see that there is still quite some potential for Higo in Europe, both in terms of geographical coverage and in terms of expansion in E-mobility related markets. It’s my ambition to focus on the opportunities in both areas to further grow Higo’s market share in Europe and double our business this year’, concludes Jannes.

Jannes will be responsible for the Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Russia and a part of France and Germany as well.